The perfect companion app
for agile sales teams

Beehivr provides a simple and adaptable sales companion app that allows sales teams to access their presentations and marketing collaterals, for agile conversations.



Flow Through Presentations as You Flow Through Conversations

No sales pitch is linear; Beehivr allows for flexible flow of information and the possibility to adapt content, as the conversation unfolds.

better onboarding

Accelerate the Onboarding

New sales force members have a faster and easier onboarding with access to complete information offered on an interactive and easy to use interface.

never miss a thing

Don't Miss a Thing

Constantly generate business intelligence by tracking everything said, shared, and presented during any client session, to facilitate feedback, adjustments, and smoother follow-ups.

Transform Your Sales Pitch With Interactive Communications

adaptable conversations

Adaptable Sales Presentations

Beehivr lets your sales team adapt their sales pitch live, by allowing the selection of appropriate media and content to support their sales argument.

standardized content

Standardized Content

All messages and media used during sales pitches become standardized throughout your entire sales force, with the creation and deployment of interactive communications.

up to date content

Up-To-The-Minute, Up-To-Date Information

Let your team access from anywhere the right content and sales documentation that is always up-to-date and on the go, all located onto one single tool.

product catalog

Products & Services Catalog

Browse up-to-date products and services catalogs, to help deliver winning sales presentations with complete information to clients.

Connect everywhere, share everything

humanTouch webRTC video call feature - humanTouch webRTC conférence vidéo

The Power of Face-To-Face Interactions

The power of human interaction is stronger than any technology. With the WebRTC video-call function, you can now offer face-to-face services to your clients directly from you iPad.


Up-To-Date Documentation

You can now easily share up-to-date information in a real-time manner through the Beehivr Communication Module and give access to clients to any relevant information during a video call.

no browser requirements

No Browser Requirements, No Boundaries

Everyone can connect with you no matter the channel they use, either through mobile or web, as long as they have an Internet connection they can talk to you.

Empower your sales teams

humanTouch network - ressources

Easy Access to All Resources Available Within the Organization

Allow for seamless collaboration between departments by offering direct access to an interactive directory of all resources within the organization through Beehivr.

share documents

Share Knowledge

The Beehivr sales companion allows you to share documents from your iPad. Participants can share specialized documentation appropriate to the matter at hand during discussions with their clients.

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A platform for
agile sales teams

Beehivr collaborated with BDC to develop an innovative and interactive application that allows employees to present BDC’s financial and advisory services to clients and prospects.
Eric Marineau - Director, Mobility Expertise Centre at BDC

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